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Lending Library Highlight “Rhyme Time!”
According to the Kansas Early Learning Standards, by the time children turn four, they should be able to distinguish whether two words rhyme or not and by the end of their fourth year, they should be able to take the next step to recognize and produce rhyming words. Rhyming teaches children how language works and helps them notice and work with the sounds within words.

There are many ways early educators and parents can support children’s learning of this concept – below is a list of ideas: Read books that rhyme and play with language, such as Mother Goose or Dr. SeussRecite tongue twisters.Point to a picture in a book. Ask the children, what words rhyme with “goat”?Sing rhyming songs, such as, "Willowby Walloby Woo, an elephant sat on you. Willowby Walloby Wake, an elephant sat on Jake."Use silly words or saying that sound alike when transitioning children, such as, “Michael Michael Motorcycle, it’s your turn to go wash your hands.”Play …

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